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Once you have submitted your application online or by phone, we assume that you have agreed that we will immediately begin processing your application and providing our services. Accordingly, you will have no right to a cancellation under the protection regulations "The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013". This is because under Rule 36 (1) (a) and 37 (1) (a), you lose your right to cancellation if you agree that we can begin to provide services within the time limits cancellation.


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Your consent

By using this site, you consent to the processing and transfer to etavisascanada.com, (inside and outside the EEA) of the user data necessary for us to provide you with this service and to use you the site and receive your eTA.

Delivery policy

Our service delivery policy is established to explain how we perform the treatment service offered on our site.
1- etavisascanada.com is a private and independent data processing agency of eTA; it is in no way affiliated with the Government of Canada.
2- Services Provided: Data entry and processing for the eTA visa exemption request. Updated treatment and status on the same day. Confirmation of travel authorization by e-mail Updates of application information and verification of status for 5 years from the date of receipt of the eTA authorization. eTA customer service by email and phone 24/7.
3- etavisascanada.com does not guarantee that requests are accepted, we only process the customer's request data and integrate them into the eTA system.
4- It is the responsibility of the customer to provide valid and accurate information, etavisascanada.com is not responsible for claims rejected due to invalid or incorrect information submitted by the customer.
5- Once the request is submitted, etavisascanada.com has 24 hours to process it and submit a status update to the customer. No claims will be accepted for travel authorization confirmation documents not issued before this 24 hour period. The customer is entitled to claims if he has not received the confirmation document or status update after 24 hours.
6- Claims may be put on hold by Canadian Government for multiple reasons, in which case a customer service representative will contact the customer to arrange a possible solution. Same situation if the request is rejected.
7- The services provided here concern the sending of requests for eTA. The cost of processing requests includes the service fee ($99), the amount of which depends on where the application is made. We are not affiliated with the US government or embassy. The processing fee includes CAD$ 7 to the Canadian government for the issuance of your eTA. You can apply directly via https://www.canada.ca. By purchasing our services, the customer agrees to pay fees for the data entry and assistance service, which includes an amount of CAD $ 7 paid by etavisascanada.com on his behalf to the Customs and Border Protection Service for the eTA processing.
8- The customer also gives the explicit authorization allowing etavisascanada.com to manage the data of his request and to make the request on his behalf to the CBP eTA system. In accordance with our Privacy Policy and the CBP Privacy Statement at:https://www.canada.ca.
9- The customer certifies that he is entitled and legally authorized to pay with the credit card or the bank card submitted. etavisascanada.com debits the total fee card and declines any liability for any unlawful use of the credit information submitted by the customer.

Once our same day processing service is complete, which includes weekends and holidays, we will only send the product to you by email. We strongly recommend that you add our email address [email protected] to your whitelist to ensure that our mail is not rejected due to a full inbox PDF files can be read using Adobe reader for free download If you have any questions regarding our service delivery policy, please contact us by email at ([email protected]). We will respond within 24 hours. Our processing service is supposed to be delivered to you when it is submitted by email. We recommend that you bring along a printed copy of your travel authorization, as some airlines may want to see a copy at check-in. We collect information about you from our order form. To make a purchase from us, you must send your details (such as name and email address) and financial information (such as credit card number, expiry date). This information is used for billing purposes and to fulfill your orders. If we have difficulty processing an order, we will use this information to contact you. Cookies We use "cookies" on this site. A cookie is a set of data stored on the hard disk of the visitor's computer to help us improve your access to our site and to identify frequent visitors to this site. For example, when we use a cookie to identify you, you do not need to log in more than once using a password, which saves you time when you are on our site. . Cookies can also help us track and target the interests of our users to improve their experience on our site. The use of a cookie is in no way related to personally identifiable information on our site. Some of our business partners may use cookies on our site (eg advertisers). However, we do not have access to these cookies and do not control them. We use a credit card processing company to bill users' goods and services. These companies do not store, share, or store any personally identifiable information for any purpose other than to fulfill your order. This site contains links to other sites. Please note that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other sites. We encourage our users to be cautious when leaving our site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information. If you believe you can not comply with this privacy policy, contact us immediately by email: [email protected]


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Exemption and Limitation of Liability

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(c) Subject to paragraph
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